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Four Roses Platinum

I bought myself 1 dozen Platinum roses for Valentine's Day!
I bought myself 1 dozen Platinum roses for Valentine’s Day!

One of my favorite bourbons, Four Roses Super Premium is often referred to as Platinum. Shame it’s only available in Japan.

The oak is low-key on this expression, a huge plus in my book. Other than that the flavors are plentiful, well-balanced, but still carrying their individual identities. Not an easy thing to pull off.

Clocking in at 86 proof, this dram isn’t going to set your tabi socks on fire, but rather give a nice warming under your obi.

It’s high on my list because of its balanced, even-flavored nature, so I can only describe the body as maplevanillaorange. Or, yum.

The keen observer will notice the Lock Stock & Barrel 13-Year Rye bottle sneaking an appearance in the background. It has been converted into a liquid paraffin candle and provides some of the lighting for this pic.

Once you’ve taken it down you can expect a mild spicy burn and a sweet corn-mash linger on the palette.