The Macallan Rare Cask

Macallan Rare CaskThe scene: a vintage dimly-lit, smoke-filled speakeasy.

The star: an ingénue, dangerous yet irresistible. Her long, red hair frames her face exposing one laughing eye and the corner of her pouty lips but casting the rest of her features in shadow.

She starts into her song low and silky, the sweetness of brown sugar tempered by the sherry on her lips. She takes slow drag on a cigarette and blows lazy smoke into the air.

Me: I know I’m in over my head, but I can’t tear myself away. The wine, the smoke, the deceptive sweetness all conspire against my better judgement. I shift in my seat, almost gathering the strength to save myself.

The bartender gives me a knowing look. “Hit me,” I say as I flick my empty glass towards him.