The Dalmore Daniel Boulud Select

Dalmore BouludWhile I certainly enjoyed visiting all the local San Diego whiskey hot spots, the true job of The Whiskey Scout is to find places even the locals don’t know about. I set out in search of just such a place.

Wandering through the Gaslamp Quarter, I caught the scent of Undiscovered Whiskey. I followed my nose to a nondescript storefront on the outskirts of tourist country just a stone’s throw from The Horton Grand Hotel.

A large, purple rectangle hung blankly above the tinted storefront where signage would be expected. (This morning a sign did get installed.) The word “whiskey” could be dimly seen on the back wall, traced in bulb lights like a vintage movie marquee, luring me in with promises of the kind of entertainment I was searching for.

I pushed through the door and found myself in San Diego’s newest destination, The Whiskey House. Open for only three weeks, the House is still an under-the-radar gem.

I order a Dalmore Daniel Boulud Select from bartender Alex.

The nose is of hidden plum, chocolate and tobacco. It’s a subtle experience reminiscent of a gentle red wine, a nod to the aging in Madeira, Muscatel and port wine casks.

It has an interesting and unique complexity on the palate. Some brine and spice, almost rye in character, step up first. Rick, a fellow patron visiting from Denver agrees. Alex says it is “on the sweeter side with lots of cocoa.” The wine influence permeates in the background while tobacco, citrus, and tiny bits of peat enter the fray. It lingers long and slow after the last swallow, like you took some sherry, stuck it in your pipe, and smoked it.

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