Glenfiddich 21

Glenfiddich 21The point where Glenfiddich hits the top shelf: 21. There is good, and then there is sublime. This is the kind of drink where you can smell it as the bartender pours. You know you’re in for a treat when the bartender pauses as she pours just to take a whiff.

If I were to write the marketing for this, it would read thusly: The Glenfiddich 21 comes in subtle, develops rich and bright, then exits with a sparkle.

Sounds good, but not entirely helpful. The entry is light ripe fruit and cinnamon that gives way to lime, apple, and buttered pear. It’s not so much that I legitimately taste all that, but as I try to pinpoint the flavor it’s a combination of those. Think of it as a flavor triangulation. The finish is a chewy malt and a lip-tingling burn.

So yeah, yum. The bartender took an extra sniff before she bussed the empty glass, and I certainly can’t blame her.