Glenfiddich 26 Year Excellence

Glenfiddich 26There’s never a wrong time for Glenfiddich 26: Excellence.

The nice thing about the box is that inset for the included booklet is perfect for the clock mechanism, thus enabling the box to still hold the bottle. But on to the whisky!

Imagine a sunset stroll down a neatly groomed dirt path separating two plots. On the left is an orchard ripening its delicate fruits. Orange blossoms waft on the gentle breeze mingling with the open, grassy meadow on the right.

You chance upon a table candle-lit against the purpling sky. Spread out are oranges, pears, brown sugar, and honey. You take a deep breath and smile.

Sitting down you dig in. A pear gets drizzled with honey and sprinkled with brown sugar. Before taking a bite you quickly add a dash of the cinnamon you hadn’t noticed before.

You notice a small slip of paper on the table. It’s from Oak. You were sure he was invited, but he sends his regrets and asks you to continue on without him. And so you do, squeezing a lemon wedge to finish things off, all the while the grass and flowers waving in the meadow add their presence to the table