Four Roses Yellow Label

Four Roses Yellow LabelThis wins the award for the best basic bourbon. Inexpensive without being cheap, this bourbon is a great go-to. If you’re looking for “Yellow Label” on the bottle, you won’t find it. It just has a yellow label.

I will have to admit that this bourbon may have damaged the language center of my brain. I certainly do not claim fluency in Spanish, but I do have a smattering of vocabulary. Unfortunately I had to question what I thought I knew based on the number of times the Mexican gentleman with whom I was sharing a bottle used the phrase “uno mas.” You keep using that Think it meansphrase, I thought to myself, I do not think it means what you think it means. I also had to question my understanding of “poquito.”

Language issues aside, this is a very enjoyable drink. On the nose (in the nose?) it offers spiced oak with hints of maple and vanilla. (It’s a bourbon. What were you expecting?) It would be easier to describe if it had a major flaw to harp on, instead it just works.

On the sip, it starts off with a bit of cinnamon bite and heat. Obvious, not overbearing. The oak and orange peel flavors blend in nicely.

Very drinkable. Now excuse me while I consult my Spanish dictionary.

80° proof; $17/bottle

3/5 Rating