Glenfarclas 105 Cask Strength

Glenfarclas 105This particular Highland single malt Scotch was handed to me as a blind test. After explaining that my favorite whiskey was the Glenfiddich 30 and its amazing buttery butterscotch smoothness, the bartenders at Jackalope bar in downtown Los Angeles thought they had something for me. But they weren’t going to tell me what it was.

This 10 year expression was the result. I was immediately drawn to the butter-smooth florals wafting up from the glass. A gentle and sweet aroma that demanded to be appreciated.

It had the presence of peat and brine that marks many of the Highland Scotches without making them the centerpiece. The malted barely easily made itself known without having to beat down the smoke and iodine. Fruits and brown sugar played a well-cast and welcome supporting role.

It finishes with a briny tang, a taste of the sea cliffs.

I was very surprised to see it as a 120° proof! While it definitely has its share of alcohol, it doesn’t allow the burn to distract from the overall enjoyment.

Interestingly, the back of the bottle had this to say, “Assertive, amazingly smooth for the strength, I suggest adding a little water to fully explore the 105’s great depth.” I took as it came, but you may want to experiment.

Highly recommended!

120° proof;  $80/bottle

4/5 Dram Rating