About the TheWhiskeyScout.com

The Diary IntroAt the heart of TheWhiskeyScout.com is the world-famous Whiskey Diary. With over 300 whiskey reviews, this custom designed, hand-stitched and ever-growing tome is a priceless blend of whiskey reviews and travelogue.

Far more than just a list of whiskeys, it is a journal of the whiskey experience as seen through the lens of the glass.

The reviews are not clinical assessments but rather a sip of life lived one dram at a time. The Whiskey Diary is a physical reminder of the journey, an adventure with no end. It carries with it names and faces, thoughts and ideas, stains and ephemera.

I am often asked why I do not use one of the many digital apps available for recording my whiskey reviews. The only answer I give is to hand over the Diary. It is amazing to watch as people get lost in the details, in the images, in the places, and in the people. This burgeoning book is loaded with touchable history, something being lost in the digital age.

So enjoy the fruits of my journey. Be inspired to take your own, wherever it may lead. This is a site for those who see the glass not as the destination, but as a vehicle for exploration. Remember, the unexamined dram is not worth drinking.