Orphan Barrel Barterhouse

Orphan Barrel Barterhouse bottleThe younger brother to Orphan Barrel’s 26 year Old Blowhard, Barterhouse carries and age statement of 20 years. Clocking in at just slightly under its older sibling’s proof, this still has a kick at 90.2° proof.

This Kentucky bourbon greets you with a strong oak presence followed by tempting aromas of sweet maple, orange and vanilla while reminding you not to inhale too deeply lest you lose a few nose hairs.

This dram becomes complex and interesting as you continue to enjoy it, rewarding the careful drinker. While the flavors blend for an almost smooth enjoyment of the aforementioned maple, orange and vanilla, the oak is just a little heavy-handed.

The finish is an even taper of flavor with a nice burn. Again the oak makes itself known creating a bit of a woody build up that hangs on the back of the throat.


3/5 Rating