Orphan Barrel Old Blowhard

Old Blowhard bourbonThe first shot out of Orphan Barrel is a 26-year Kentucky bourbon weighing in at 90.7° proof, so it has a bit more kick than your average bourbon.

Each bottle comes with its own, unique number to emphasize the limited nature of this release, although at bottle number 17,313 for this review, “limited” might have a touch of marketing in it.

It’s a bold dram that jumps right at you with sweet maple and orange aromas that make the mouth water in anticipation.

The flavors themselves blend nicely without any one sticking out over the others. While bold, the flavors are not overly complex, handing you an orange peel sprinkled with cinnamon and spice. The finish doesn’t add anything more to the equation, it just tapers off from what you’ve already come to expect.

For such an elderly bourbon, the oak is not as noticeable as you would assume, which works to highlight the fruits.

A good introduction for the brand. Maybe not a home run, but a solid  double. Here I know I depart from many others who rate this higher, but I just think it gets over-heavy with the poof, the flavors not evening out the experience enough.

Hard to get your hands on, prices from $130-$200/bottle.

3 no