Usquaebach Blended Scotch Whisky (Stone Flagon)

usquaebach_rareDefinitely one of the easiest “bottles” to pick out on the shelf, its unique stone flagon gives this whisky an air of tradition before it’s even out of the bottle, err, flagon.

The aroma is a complex blend that rewards a little extra effort to get to know it. Malt, orange and vanilla mix with peat, but not so much they lose their individual identities. It seems like it could be a little jumbled, but it comes off more blended than chaotic.

Brine and peat are first in line, just beating out some caramel notes, but not obscuring them. The profile evolves as you drink it, so take it one sip at a time. This one gives the patient drinker something to think about. Orange and honey bread fill out the body of the dram.

The bread and malt share the finish with some oak as the burn from this 86 proof recedes, leaving a light briny aftertaste.

A word of caution for the flagon purchaser: the ceramic topper comes out of the cork very easily. I recommend removing the topper and then using some industrial-strength glue to reattach it. Then always be careful and gentle when opening the bottle.

86° proof; $120/bottle

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