Blanton’s Corks

Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon is one of the more delicious bourbons out there. It is smooth and accessible, a treat for the aficionado as well as the novice. But that’s not what this is about. It’s about the bottle. Or, more significantly, the cork. Blanton’s has one of the most easily recognizable bottles on the shelf, with its hand grenade shape and horse on top of the cork. What might not be known to everyone pulling out that stopper to pour some of the whiskey out is that there are actually eight different cork designs. Well, actually seven.
Blanton's Bourbon L CorkLet me explain. In the lower left corner of every stopper is a circle with a letter in it. One for every letter in the word “Blanton’s.” That’s eight letters, although the “N” stopper is the same for both letters in the name for a true count of seven different designs. What makes this the absolutely coolest stopper design is that each letter has a unique horse position, sort of 3-D film strip! The first letter, “B” has the horse in a walking position. The letters L-S (with the two N’s appropriately placed) show the horse in a run.

So the next time you have a glass of this tasty treat, take a look at the stopper! Here’s a look at the L-S loop!