Highland Park Thor


My first foray into the Highland Park Valhalla Series, Thor is perhaps the best well-known of the Asgardians thanks in no small part to his Hollywood agent.

A reddish copper dram, this 16 year clocks in at 104.2 proof. The god of lightning makes his presence felt with a healthy, but not overwhelming, burn. He’s just letting you know he could fry you if he wanted but has chosen to be merciful to us earthly mortals.

While I’m not convinced Thor spent too much time wandering the Scottish highlands, there’s just enough peat ¬†on the nose to suggest he vacationed there on occasion. Orange and maple scents weave in and out of the peat to keep the nose from being one-dimensional.

On the palate Thor is complex and interesting, making good on the orange and maple notes threatened on first smell. The burn lingers as peat, oak, and floral notes round out the experience that hangs for a few moments before flying off to work on his sequels.

4 no