Whiskey: The Definitive World Guide

By Michael Jackson

This book is the best all-around whiskey primer available. While Mr. Jackson gets the author credit, Whiskey is much more of a collaboration with contributions from nine other writers presented as an anthology of articles. With its large format and generous photos, this also works well as a coffee table book.

The book covers all the areas one would expect to find, from history to methodology to in-depth discussion about the differing whiskey producing regions world wide.

Though not set up as a tasting journal, it does give a few descriptions of individual expressions. It does, however, give the reader an idea of what to expect from the various distillers. A brief history of each distiller is also given.

The articles are informative and well-written, a perfect format for picking up and randomly picking a page to read. It feels more like something to keep coming back to for multiple short reads than something you read straight through, although there would be nothing wrong with doing that!

288 pages

5 no